Marriage Equality

So, you are a libertarian, too?  If so, then you must applaud the Supreme Court decision today to “allow” gays or lesbians to marry. If you are a true libertarian, then you will not try to tell others -based on YOUR religious beliefs – what to do. I am still waiting for someone to make a credible argument – other than that it is against some scripture or religion – how gay marriage would interfere with traditional man-woman marriage. As to the concept that a child needs both parents, there are plenty of single-parent heterosexual situations where the child is not cared for properly. In fact, every single gay or lesbian couple I know who has (a) child)ren is a far better family than some of the “traditional” couples I see around here. where I live, there is a disgustingly high rate of sexual abuse of children. Every single person (usually a male) who is arrested is a spouse/boyfriend in a heterosexual couple situation. So, stay out of other people’s business.


Yes to Obamacare

Now you might say what’s a libertarian cheering for in the victory for “big government” health care. Well, it’s what I say all along: with liberty also comes responsibility. To think that a nation as rich as ours did not have any kind of health care for 15 percent of its citizens…to think that even those who had insurance weren’t covered for stupid reasons , like “pre-existing conditions”…

If conservatives and their big corporate sponsors had done the right thing all along, then we wouldn’t need the government to step in. Look, I grew up in a Communist country, where healthcare was free, but it was also terribly inefficient. When you wanted (needed) to see a doctor, you went to a clinic, waited sometimes for hours, and then saw a doctor who may not have known anything about you. I don’t want that kind of system. We don’t have to have that kind of system. But it’s also not acceptable to have no way of seeing a doctor, other than in an emergency room…where you often have to wait hours and then see a doctor who doesn’t know anything about you.

Why are the health care companies so opposed to “Obamacare?” How can you make decisions about peoples’ health using a purely business model? We are not talking about making widgets here…we are talking about peoples’ lives and well-being.

Go to any large city in the USA and see whose name is on the tallest, shiniest, gaudiest building. Chances are it’s either a bank or an insurance company (nowadays its’ almost the same thing). So, these bastards have plenty of money to build these Tupelo, Mississippi? That’s not libertarianism. That’s pure greed.

The bottom line: you Republican idiots and big corporations who clamor about “freedom” have done this to yourself. It’s time for the 99 percent to have benefits that are basically human rights issues, like health care.

Well…I never thought I would see the day…

…when I would ever agree with anything that Karl Rove had to say. But there it is: Donald Trump is a moron. Well said, Karl.

By the way, Trump made such a fuss last election time about Pres. Obama’s citizenship, but is completely mum about Ted Cruz. As we well know, Cruz was born in Canada. The last time I checked, Canada was still an independent country. Last time I checked, you had to be born in the USA to be President. Cat got your tongue, Donald? Or is it just that you are a moron?

Thank God for this Pope Francis: tell it like it is about climate change. Now, all of a sudden, Rick Santorum and Jeb are not such devout Catholics any more. Boy, they were on the bandwagon when the Nazi pope…er…I mean Pope Benedict was in charge of the Vatican.

I live in New York State. We have what is called the “Safe Act,” which is a gun control measure. One of the idiotic rules in this Act is that one can only have seven rounds in the clip of a semi-automatic weapon that may hold 10+ bullets. I am so angry about this South Carolina shooter, the judge who presided at his bail hearing, and all the people who essentially blame the 9 victims for being massacred, that I am thinking about putting 3 more bullets in the clip of my semi-automatic rifle.  No, of course I don’t want to use the .22. Unlike this Dylann Roof, a domestic terrorist, I do not wish to harm anyone.

You don’t have to go to the deep South to find racists. Two of the worst states for the number of hate groups are Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Texas does It Again

Many people equate conservative Republican politics with libertarianism, but nothing could be further from the truth. Conservatives have as much “agenda” as liberals and they want to control you as much, too. The only difference is the issues with which they want to exercise their control. These include things like restricting a woman’s choice to have an abortion or even use of contraceptives; restricting voting rights to “avoid fraud” (are you kidding me – even eligible voters rarely go to the polls); etc.

Texas, for all its claim on “rights,” is yet again proving what a joke they consider rights to be. In the latest fiasco, Gov. Abbott signed into law a ban on banning hydrofracking by local municipalities. Yes, that’s correct, local governments no longer have the right to exercise local decision-making. Pushed by the all-powerful oil lobby, the governor has decided that “home rule” doesn’t count. Only big-brother State can decide about where, when, and how hydraulic fracturing of rock to release natural gas trapped in shale deposits is practiced.

For those who always whine about Washington  and the control exerted by the Federal government, please answer this question: How is it any different when the big business oil lobby makes the rules and exerts its control over the lives and decisions of everyday people? A true libertarian must oppose both heavy-handed government edicts, as well as unilateral control exercised by special interests.

Let’s give Texas back to Mexico

What an embarrassment this state of Texas continues to be. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the state or most of its people, but the leadership is dismal. What a few crackpots deemed imminent take-over by the U.S. military – the armed forces staging at Walmarts, naturally – is actually taken seriously by that imbecile governor? Com’on!!!  Of course, we might say that the people of Texas elected this idiot and the other nincompoops, but that would not be entirely correct. Big money gets to choose who governs.

OK, so if I’m a libertarian, then I am not in favor of a big central government, right? And it is so. I was reared, after all, in a Communist country under a dictatorial system. They kept telling us that it was the people’s republic but that was a laughable joke. What is happening here in the U.S. is that a few cronies and their political hacks get to rule. “Citizens United” is a perfect example of a warped and twisted interpretation of the freedom of speech. It is the hacks who get to go to State Capitols and Washington on the coat tails of the big money men who end up “doing the people’s business” (now, there is another laughable joke). So, in a sense, it doesn’t matter if the ruthless Communist party puppet gets to rule, or the ruthless Big Money puppet is in power. In fact, I am beginning to suspect that these few wealthy men study the tactics of the Communists and gleefully imitate their deceitful propaganda.

As for Texas, I have an idea: let’s give it back to Mexico.

First post

I am new to the blog world, but hope to share my thoughts with you. As the address suggests, I consider myself a TRUE Libertarian. Not like the Rand Pauls of this world…but more about that later. Right now, welcome to my site.