I have been watching this train disaster, called the “Republican Health Care Bill,” winding its way through the gutless House of Representatives (and they dare to call themselves that). What a shameless bunch of Trumpkin morons.

It was, therefore, a great relief to learn that at least the French people aren’t as stupid as we are. That alt-right, Nazi woman, Marine LePen, was apparently soundly defeated in the second round of French presidential elections. At least for now, her hateful rhetoric and xenophobic nonsense will hopefully take back seat to sensible European politics. That massive data breach of the other candidate, Mr. Macron, just prior to the French electorate casting their votes, was no doubt the effort of the Russians, or their lackeys, who preferred LePen.

If you read my blogs over the past few months, I outlined how the Russians prefer these far-right, “nationalistic” candidates simply for the effect they have on European solidarity. If the Russians can drive a wedge between and among European countries,  the job of containing continental influence will be much easier for the Putyin regime.

Hairball Trump, of course, preferred LePen. That is no surprise. Your moronic president relishes chaos and enjoys creating schism. In his erroneous view, this gives him better leverage – for what, other than his ego, is anyone’s guess.

At least for now, Satan has been defeated! Hooray for France!  VIVE LA FRANCE!


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