Two Idiots with Bad Hair

Well, it probably doesn’t take much to figure out to whom the title of this blog refers. I am talking about Hairball Trump and his equally hair-challenged buddy, Kim Jung Un of North Korea. These two morons can’t keep their yappers shut, they have the diplomatic skills of a komoto dragon, and they may inanely escalate the already bad situation into a war. “Conventional” war would be devastating enough, but if Kim goes off his rocker, he may just use one of his nukes, just to show how belligerent he can be. At which point, his equally vapid counterpart, Hairball, may do just the same.

The media keep telling us how clever Kim is to play the game. But it’s not cleverness that keeps him in power and has his generals do hi bidding. It’s sheer terror. And he is doing the same with the world. He is a modern-day Caligula. If that’s “cleverness,” then a weasel in a chicken house is a freaking genius.

I am convinced that part of the problem with these two guys is their bad haircut. I have a good diplomatic suggestion for solving this manufactured crisis: I will make appointments for them with Miss Kimberly, the person who has been cutting my hair for the past 23 years. With their newly-sculpted heads, maybe girls will find these two morons attractive enough so they can get “action” without having to pay for it (Hairball Trump) or threaten families of women with torture and execution (Kim). So, Rex Tillerson, you hapless oil executive, move over because I have the solution for the Korean Crisis.


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