Call Me Cynical, But…

…I am rather suspicious of Hairball Trump’s newly-found concern about Syria. Until a few days ago he showed not the slightest interest in the suffering of the Syrian people. Worse yet, their refugees are among the ones that he wants to keep out of the country with his bogus “national security” scare.

So, let my imagination run wild a bit. At the outset, I have to say that I am not a conspiracy theorist at heart, but I can piece together some reported information, along with a good deal of conjecture. Let’s start with Russia.

From the outset the Trump administration has been dogged by reports that the Russians played a role in the presidential election to favor Trump. Trump, in turn, has been  speaking admiringly/adoringly of the dictator Putyin, even to the point that many Republicans are now reported to look to Russia as a model country to emulate (now, how the hell did THAT happen?). Anyway, this cozy relationship and favoritism have been investigated by U.S. security agencies and congressional panels.  There have been many voices calling for an independent investigator, much like the Watergate investigation of Richard Nixon in the 1970s.

Then comes the chemical attack.

So, Hairball all of a sudden gets conscience (?) and bombs the Syrian airbase. But wait – first we notify the Russians that we are going to do this. The Russians, who favor the dictator Assad, have time to inform him that an attack is imminent.  The Syrians get all their important assets out of there in a hurry, so that our missiles take out a “few MIG airplanes that are waiting to be serviced” and a few other token odds-and-ends.

But now, Hairball Trump looks “presidential” and shows us that he is no bitch of Putyin and the Russians. The Russians get angry (wink-wink) and there is an immediate cooling of the desire to investigate “Russia-gate.”

I know it’s conjecture. But what a smooth move this would have (could have) been for Hairball.


…the Syrian people continue to be massacred.



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