The “Right to Life” Lie

Of all the lies disseminated by conservatives, few are bigger than the so-called “Right to Life” movement. I have no doubt that there are many sincere people who, for philosophical and ethical reasons,  think that abortion is wrong. But the politicians and conservative religious organizations who constantly harp on this issue are two-faced liars. Here is why:

The religious and conservative Republican right wing have tried for decades to overturn the Supreme Court decision making abortion available for women in the U.S. Yet, these are the same folks who, while so “concerned” about human life, do everything in their power to make make peoples’ lives, once born,  be miserable. Actually, they try to do this already before a pregnancy comes to term. Take, for example, the recent attempt by Congress to do away with the Affordable Care Act. This would have thrown tens of millions of people off the health care availability list, including pregnancy, neonatal, and well-child medical care. Even worse, one of the Congressmen questioned why prenatal care should be covered at all, and “why should men pay for such services.” Well, where the hell did you come from Congressman, if not from your mother’s pregnancy?

One of the favorite targets of the religious right and conservatives is planned Parenthood. Yet, this organization hasn’t received federal funds for abortion for a long time, and most of their work is in the area of women’s health, not in abortion services. One of the services provided by this and other organizations is counseling and education about avoiding pregnancy through safe sexual practices. This would make sense and also obviate the need for abortion. But, oh, no, we can’t have that either or, alternatively, avoiding pregnancy by providing means of birth control.

Humans are sexual beings. Sex is as natural as eating or sleeping or any other function. Isn’t it always the old men and women (politicians or clergy) that are telling the young that sex is “wrong,” except for procreating purposes?

Ok, then, we have procreation, but not the follow-up care of children.  Republican state legislatures and the U.S. Congress cut programs like foster-care, WIC support, Medicaid, school funds, etc., to “save money,” while spending money on stupid shit, like building a wall along the Mexican border.

As far as I can see,  for churches and politicians, the steady drum-beat on harping on the “sanctity of human life” is nothing more than a way of raising money, acquiring and maintaining power,  and whipping up their base to get elected.


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