Words DO Matter!


All we have is language and the ability to perhaps communicate  better than other animals. After all, cheetahs can run at 40 mph for short distances, an ant can lift 100 times its own weight, bats have Doppler sonar for navigation, and a rooster can copulate dozens of times a day.

Since we can think and communicate, the words we use do matter a great deal. For Ben Carson to refer to chattels slaves brought in shackles in the bowels of ships under inhumane conditions from Africa  as “immigrants,” is yet another example of “alternative facts.”

The current crop of idiots in Washington can not understand what it takes to be a decent human being.

Then, again, when they get their information and talking points from the Alt-right Neo-Nazi Breitbart rabble, what else can we expect?

I guess, the next thing we will hear is that in Stalin’s Soviet Union the people who were sent to die in the Gulag were actually “guest workers” who went to seek employment in Siberia.

Shame on you, Dr. Carson!


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