Remember how the Republicans hounded Hillary over the Benghazi, Libya, killing of four American embassy officials? Remember the relentless hearings and “investigations” that Congress “conducted?”

Please, don’t get me wrong. I am very sorry about those four deaths and, perhaps, there could have been done more to protect those Americans. But it wasn’t Hillary who killed them, it was Libyan rebels.

Now, we are learning every day that more and more of Hairball’s lackeys have been meeting with the Russians who, coincidentally, have meddled in our elections on behalf of Trump right about the same time that these meetings took place. And the Republican-controlled Congress’s response? Tepid, at best, except for a couple of Senators and Representatives.

And do you remember how Hairball claimed during the lead up to the elections that “the system is rigged?” Can you imagine him howling now if the outcome had been reversed?

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions lied. But that’s OK now. For Congress and for Hairball. And, apparently, for most Republican voters who, until now, were such anti-Communists. Make no mistake: Putyin is KGB through-and-through, irrespective of how many churches he visits.

I am more and more disgusted every day. In my last blog, I called the Hairball’s team Russia’s “bitch.” I was wrong. They are far worse than that. They are traitors. Any apologists for Putyin are simply unable to comprehend how the Russians work or, worse, they are agents of  Russia. Either way, this sorry lot must go.


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