The Kremlin’s “Suka”

You gotta love this: at the CPAC (Conservative Idiots’ of America — wait, that acronym doesn’t match; Oh, well) conference, participants started to wave white-blue-red flags with “Trump” written across the blue band. These little flags were handed out by a man in a suit, whom participants assumed to be a staffer.

Apparently, most people didn’t realize that it was the colors of the Russian flag they were waving with Trump’s name across it. But, of course, they didn’t recognize it, because my little dog knows more about the countries of the world than these morons. But it is very apropos that they would be waving these flags, because this entire current U.S. regime is a suka of the Kremlin.

Oh, what is “suka?” Why that’s the Russian word for “bitch.”


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