The Jew-Haters

There are basically two types of Jew-haters. One group is made up of  the bigoted rabble who hate Jews, although they don’t exactly know why. The second group is a collection of politicians, hucksters, clergy, and an assortment of other immoral characters who tell the mob to hate Jews.

The first group, the hooligan rabble, don’t just hate Jews. They hate pretty much everybody. They actually hate themselves and their miserable, drab lives, but it is much easier to deflect that hate to Jews, Arabs, Colored People, foreigners, “aliens,” and others.  They are told to hate Jews, Mexicans, Arabs, and it becomes kind of a pastime to forget their own troubles. They think that their lives would be sooooo much better if it weren’t for these others to drag them down. At least, that’s the line they have been fed for thousands of years.

Jew-hating is probably as old as recorded history. Jews were persecuted in ancient Greece, in Roman times, in the Dark Ages and Middle Ages of Europe, and in modern history right up to today. It was always convenient for the ruling class to find a scapegoat. Without going into a lengthy treatise on history, I will just give a couple of examples: During the centuries of the Black Plague, tens of thousands of Europeans died. The disease spared no one, not young or old, or pious or rich. Now, people might have begun to wonder what kind of God would allow this kind of suffering and carnage. When people start thinking, the power structure begins to sweat. A convenient solution? Why, it’s the wicked Jews that are the tools of the devil that bring about the suffering! OK, let’s kill the Jews… and, so, hundreds are burned alive, thousands are exiled, slaughtered, or made to convert to Christianity throughout “civilized” Europe. And, of course, it will be the rabble who does most of the killing. And they will enjoy it!

Where or when it began to be circulated that Jews killed Jesus is not entirely clear. Never mind that Jesus was executed on the orders of Emperor Tiberius by Roman soldiers under the leadership of Governor Pontius Pilate. It was the Jews who betrayed Jesus! This suited the narrative of the Catholic Church very well, indeed. And Hitler’s. And Stalin’s. And so, for hundreds of years, right up to today,  in Catholic and Protestant circles alike, not so openly today, but you do understand Brother So-and-so…, the idea persists and… wink, wink …spread about. These rich Jews, who suck the marrow out of the poor working class, are the sources of all of our troubles.

The reason that I am talking about this now is that there have been a lot of attacks of Jewish properties lately. This is all brought about by the actions of Hairball Trump and his Neo-Nazi Breitbart buddies. Now, Hairball says that he is not an anti-semite. I believe him. He simply doesn’t care about Jews or anyone but himself. But his hateful rhetoric and his wink..wink…Neo-Nazi sidekick, Bannon, are agitating the rabble. The hooligans, of course, don’t really make a distinction between Jews, Arabs, Mexicans, or others. As I indicated at the beginning, they hate everybody equally. All these swarthy people are just “Towelheads,” anyway.

A few weeks ago, I cautioned the Israelis to be very careful with this current U.S. regime. While the Trumpkins are “supporting Israel,” it is under false pretenses. I would also suggest that Jews look at people like Pat Robertson with a weary eye. Pat is not your friend or ally. He and his ilk, want the Holy Land and look to taking it from you one day.

I know that many Republicans are uncomfortable with the current U.S. regime, but they are either too afraid to speak up, or they are getting their pet projects accomplished. They, too, should be very careful about sleeping with the enemy.



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