Dragon Flying Too Close To The Ground*

I think of women as the fairer sex. Now, now, before you accuse me of chauvinism or misogyny, here is what I mean: I think that most women are more level-headed, treat people more fairly, and are kinder than men. Maybe, that comes from the fact that, no matter what, women are usually responsible for their children’s welfare. Or, maybe, it’s because men have more of that aggression and “stupidity” hormone, testosterone.

There are exceptions to my characterization of women as better people. Nero’s mother, Agrippina; Lucrezia Borgia; and  Leona Helmsley come to mind. Or Sarah Palin.

And most recently, Kellyann Conway. I don’t know where this woman comes from, other than a few factual pieces of information I have read about her. But as Hairball’s main hench(wo)man, she is quite disgusting, a liar, and and an extremely ambitious woman who wormed her way into his confidence and cares only about herself.  She doesn’t appear to be all that intelligent, either. But, then, that’s a good match for Hairball, Pence, and their cabal. Unfortunately, collectively they are dragging down the country with them. Instead of a “Great America,” these bungling idiots make us the laughing stock of the world, not to mention that we are also pissing off a lot of people.

This latest Russia/Flynn fiasco and the incoherent explanation of the sequence of events this morning by Conway, as well as her endorsement of  Ivanka’s junk, and her “alternative truth” comment, should be enough to get rid of her already. She has damaged any shred of credibility beyond repair.

I know that she is not going to be canned. Like a bad penny, or like Sarah Palin (maybe that’s redundant), she is going to keep turning up on the news and on talk shows.  Unfortunately, we are going to have to be disgusted by Ms. Conway for some time to come.


*with apologies to Willie Nelson


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