It Has Begun: Breitbart Nazis, Watch Out

When I grew up under a totalitarian Communist system in the 1950s and ’60, anyone who dared to oppose the regime was branded a hooligan and a tool of terrorists trying to undermine the country.  That was also the way the Stalin regime and Hitler’s reign operated. An that’s pretty much what we have witnessed even in the short three weeks of a Hairball administration. The only difference, so far, is that the Bartbreit American Nazis haven’t actually started locking people up in gulags or concentration camps. They haven’t had time for that, yet.

And, oh, yea, the Commies and the Goebbel’s Nazi propaganda machine were also great at misinformation and “alternative truths.” Looking at Ms. Conway and that press secretary, Spicer, I can even see the resemblance between the those regimes’  henchmen and this one.

But, make no mistake: Americans are not going to tolerate this attempt at hijacking our country, and the backlash has already begun. I saw on the news the reception that Utah Republican U.S. Senator, Chaffetz, received last nigh in Salt Lake City. The Administration is, of course, going to spin this as a bunch of thugs, hooligans, and anarchists disrupting the meeting, but don’t believe a word of that.

We, U.S. Americans, are not going to allow the Nazis or the Communist  Politbureau to prevail. We are not going to allow a Stalin, Hitler or Bannon/Hairball to rule this country. We are going to make our voices heard and we are going to reclaim this land.

The struggle has begun. The people already realize what a horrible mistake it was to give the Republic’s control over to this band of marauders. As the Polish workers who revolted against the Communist regime in 1980, said:

Solidarnosc !!!”


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