DAP, Immigrants, Etc.


I am not against oil and gas extraction. I am not against pipelines. I agree that in some ways pipelines are safer for the transportation of the highly explosive Bakken crude than the “bomb trains” currently in use to move this stuff.

The only thing that bothers me is that the Army Corps of Engineers and the state of North Dakota decided that this pipeline might pose a hazard to Bismarck’s water supply, and their solution was to move this to the Sioux tribe’s water supply. Them Injuns are getting the shaft again, like they have been for a 250 years.


During the presidential race I had a  large, home-made sign in my yard against bigotry and immigrant/refugee bashing. My neighbor’s response was to have a large, professionally made sign that said, “BUILD THAT WALL.”

I know my neighbors. They are decent people. Any time I ever asked them for anything, they have been helpful. I know that if needy refugees showed up on their doorsteps, they would not be turned away.

Yet, it is so easy to demonize people we don’t know. Cheap politicians stir up hatred for their own selfish purposes. They make bogey men out of men, women and children who are trying to escape from horrendous circumstances, whether those conditions exist in Syria or Honduras or Somalia. And these neighbors, with their English, Irish, and Italian surnames are now the ones that want to keep out persecuted people they know nothing about, but yet loathe for reasons they could not describe.

U.S. SENATE: Shame on these people for censuring Elizabeth Warren last night. Little by little, free speech is going out the window. Senate Rule No. XIX?  Give me a break. More like a gag order. This is so reminiscent of what happened in Germany in 1933. But these people need to remember what happened to the “Thousand Year German Empire:” It lasted 12 years.


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