One Last Trump Essay: The Essence of Trump

I couldn’t title this essay the philosophy of Trump, because he has none.

I couldn’t title it the morality of Trump, because he is amoral. (He is not immoral: that would mean that at least he knows between right and wrong).

I couldn’t title it  Trump’s values because he has none.

I never met Trump. But in six and a half decades of life, I have met several Trumps, starting with one named Ben in high school. The common thread in all of these Trumps was/is their overwhelming, single-focus, abject narcissism. They don’t need anyone to tell them what to do or help them make decisions because they are smarter than everyone. They are legends in their own minds.

Shame on Congress. They are, in fact, exploiting Trump’s own weakness for their own purposes. Trump doesn’t care one way or another about a woman’s right to choose; he doesn’t care about guns or the right to bear arms; he doesn’t care about education or health care or the environment, or any other issues. But each of these Senators and Congressmen who are on “his side,” are really just pushing their own narrowly focused (or broad) agendas, or the agendas of their handlers.

Some time ago, Trump felt slighted by the intelligentsia and the “beautiful” people. He was so outraged by this that he wowed revenge on them. His current coddling of ultra-conservative causes and personalities is nothing more than a payback for being shunned and ignored by the liberal establishment, who looked upon him as the buffoon that he is.

I re-iterate one of my earlier predictions: the conservatives, who know full-well that he is not one of them, will use him until they got what they want, and then they will cast him aside. Trump will become a pariah.

The fact that 50 Republican Senators voted for Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education, is an example of the revengefulness of Trump,  and the callousness of conservatives. They chose this unqualified hack because they consider this a good way to 1. promote their right-wing “Christian” ideology; and 2. as a way of busting one of the few powerful unions left in the country: the teachers union. Neither Trump, nor Congress cares about educating the nation’s children.

I believe that some day the people of this country will realize what is happening. I think of that hackneyed quote:”  You can fool some of the people all of the time; you can fool all of the people some of the time; but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.” The day of reckoning will come for Trump, the Republican Party, and the “1 percent.”

I am not going to write about Trump again. That is what he really wants: to see his name in print, in other media, and on the lips of people. I think I have said all I ever want to say about this sorry man.

I will keep talking about the idiotic way that we allow a few hundred powerful individuals to dictate our environment, our economy, and our value systems.


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