ISIS Eyes Are Smiling

The decision by Neo-Nazis Trump and his henchman, Steve Bannon, to ban Muslims entering into the USA can be nothing but a great shot  in the recruiting arm of ISIS. This is what they have been saying all along: that mindless morons are against Islam. Make no mistake: this ban has nothing whatsoever to do with national security. It will, in fact, have the opposite effect.

Couple this idiotic decision with Israel’s move to expand settlements by thousands of housing units in the West Bank, and the urging of the dumb Hairball to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, and these will be like a double-shot of espresso coffee on top of a double-shot of espresso coffee in the heartbeat of recruiting frenzy.

You might say, now wait a minute, how can the Neo-Nazi Trump government support the Jews of Israel? I have explained this in a previous blog: the Bannons and their ilk hate Jews; what they eventually want is the territory of what is now Israel for a “Christian purpose,” and they figure that it will be easier to take it from the few million Jews than from tens of millions of Arabs. i don’t understand how Netanyahu can’t see through this scheme.


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