Predictions for 2017 and Beyond

-Donald Trump will be formally diagnosed with the dementia from which he suffers.

-Domestic acts of terrorism, perpetrated by “White Christian” people will increase. Their hero

will be Tim McVeigh, the 1995 Oklahoma City mass murderer, and the Bundy Gang of terrorists.

The “Christian Right” will tacitly approve, wink,wink.

-The Stock Market will continue to climb, possibly close to 25,000, but…

-…then the Chinese will be so pissed off at Trump that they will demand to be paid the money we

owe them. Then the market will completely collapse.

-Israel’s belligerent stand in the west Bank will be the BEST recruiting tool for ISIS and other terrorists

-Mrs Trump will leave her husband.

-As more and more countries get angry with the USA, the Russians will exploit the situation and step in

to “help out.” They will be eager to help Mexico, Cuba, and other countries close to our back yard. They will be

very supportive of Iran.

-Clueless Rex Tillerson (or, perhaps, crooked Tillerson) will be an ineffective adversary to the

Russians, who will run circles around him. They have almost 100 years of experience at this.

-The gutless Republican leadership (Ryan, McConnell and their cabal) will jump ship at the first sign of trouble

(which is already brewing), like the rats that they are running from a sinking ship. The country will be in a

constitutional crisis.

-The British will come to their senses and abandon “Brexit.” If not, Scotland needs to re-visit the referendum

of leaving Great Britain.





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