“Good Luck,” USA

“Good luck.” Such an overused phrase. We say it for everything from major life-changing events to the most trivial occasions. But, Goddess is my witness, we will need it for the next four years.

Not just people, but all the different creatures in the environment, too.

And not just USA Americans, but the rest of the world, too.

Because we just took a major step back to what it was like in the late 19th century: a few millionaire robber barons dictating our lives.

The worst part is that we gave them this opportunity willingly.

The other day, I saw a headline, “What were you thinking, America?”, which then someone rearranged to say:  “What? Were you thinking, America?”

That sums it up pretty well. But my thought is that the absolute arrogance displayed by these uncouth characters will be their undoing.  In the meantime, “Good Luck.”


One thought on ““Good Luck,” USA

  1. Another reason to have good history teachers – we must learn from the mistakes of the past so we don’t repeat them.


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