The Affordable Care Act (ACA)/Obamacare

What would you say to someone who got a new car, it had some problems that needed fixing, but, instead of taking it back to the dealer to work out the problems , this person started to vandalize the car. Not once or twice, but 63 times. Well, that’s exactly what the Republican led Congress had done to “Obamacare” over the years. They did not try to fix the problems (yes, there were many). Instead, they did everything in their power to sabotage, derail, vandalize, and repeal it. Not once or twice, but 63 times.

Now, they say that it was a failure and they are going to repeal it. And take away health insurance from millions of American who did not have it before ACA. All because they, and their cronies, don’t like it. The richest freaking country in the world (?) and millions are again going to be uninsured. Because, folks, the Congress and your new administration don’t really have a good plan to replace it with meaningful programs.

Your Hairball President-Elect wants tax credits to replace the ACA. That’s fine if you have money or income from which you can deduct the credits. But the very people who signed up for Obamacare are also among those folks for whom tax credits are going to be meaningless because they don’t earn enough money.

Shame on Congress, shame on Republicans, and shame on us who not only tolerate this nonsense, but keep electing people whose hearts are not with us. Once again, I stand for the TRUE Libertarian principles: freedom, opportunity and RESPONSIBILITY. It is the last that is sorely lacking today. If you want to “Make America Great Again,” the current way is not the path.


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