Whores, Not Bedfellows

They say that politics make strange bedfellows. That may be true, but what Sean Hannity did the other  day with his “interview” of traitor Julian Assange can be described only as a prostitute’s trick. It was painful to watch him practically fellating (or video sex masturbating?)the Wiki-leaks founder hiding in London at the Ecuadorean embassy. Of course, Hannity did this to please his pimp, Donald Trump. The pimp-boss in all of this, however, is none other than that manly mensch, Vlagyimir Putyin.

Can you just see The Donald foaming at the mouth about a “fixed” election if he had lost? As it is, he just wants to “move on,” and let’s forget about the Russians fixing our election.  What a joke. Thank you, Comrade Trump! or maybe I should say it in Russian: sposiba, comrade Donald !


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