Israel and the Trumpkins

Hairball Trump seems pretty committed to Israel. It is, therefore, pretty strange that a substantial part of his “base” is made up of right-wing, Jew-hating bigots. These so-called “alt-right” or “Breitbart”, or whatever they call themselves, are only thinly disguised Neo-Nazis.

Even the religious right/Evangelical Christians, another group of Trumpkins, is at heart antisemitic. Their support for Israel is simply  self-serving and disingenuous, as they hope one day to re-claim the Holy Land for themselves. Many of them are waiting for some “Rapture,” and they figure that it would be easier to take the land, when the time comes,  from a few million Jews than from tens of millions of Arabs.

I am sure that the leadership of Israel is aware of these things. They are smart and savvy. For now, they cling to the U.S. as the only country that props up their economy, and the only country that supplies them with the latest and most sophisticated weapons. Unfortunately, this has also led to a kind of arrogance, in which Prime Minister Netanyahu and his cabinet keep thumbing their noses at the other inhabitants of the region. I am talking about continued expansion of Israeli settlements into Palestinian neighborhoods, and the most recently revived attempts to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, a symbolic slap-in-the-face for the Arab population.

Why would Israel do these things? Why alienate the non-Jewish population of the region even further? How will peace ever be achieved in the area, if gasoline is continually poured on the fire? Hairball Trump may be on Israel’s side, but the foundation of his power is not on the side of the Jewish people.  Israel’s leadership should periodically remind itself of that .


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