Fill the Swamp!

I have to wonder what the former steel worker in Pennsylvania, the factory worker in Wisconsin, the coal miner in Kentucky, or the farmer in Iowa thinks now that Hairball Trump is stuffing his proposed cabinet with misanthropic billionaires who have absolutely no connection to the working man other than sucking his blood dry.

In my 60 plus years of experience with politics ranging from communism to “Reaganomics,” and from my readings of history, I have learned that when one group wants to “drain the swamp,” it is for the purpose of re-filling the swamp with their own putrid kind. The most egregious models of that were Leninism/Stalinism in 1917 in Russia, and the so-called Tea Party movement in the waning days of the 20th century in the U.S. but, of course,  one could cite dozens of other examples, as well.

I hope that I am wrong for the sake of the United States, but I have this bad feeling that the people who were seduced by this showman, Hairball Trump, are going to have “buyer’s remorse” soon.  I fear that we are going  to go backwards on wages, human rights, environment, finance, and most other fields.

Like I said, I hope that I am wrong.


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