Castro and Cuba

Back in March of this year, I wrote a blog about American foreign policy toward Cuba as a repetition of  60 years of insanity. Now, Fidel Castro is dead at age 90, and we rejoice in his passing.

That moron, your President-elect Trump, tweeted his pleasure in the passing of Castro, as did the rest of the Republican idiots.  Their complaints about the brutal dictatorship and the suffering of Cuban people are as phony as a 3-dollar bill.

I grew up in a Communist country (Hungary)  in the 1950s and ’60s, so I have no love for communists and dictatorships. But let us not forget what Cuba was like BEFORE Castro. The brutal dictatorship of the Batista regime and the Mafia was far worse than what Castro dished out.

And the argument that the Castro regime ruined Cuba’s economy is also totally disingenuous. We, the USA, have done everything in our power for over six decades to thwart, derail, and ruin the Cuban economy. It was Goliath against a country that, unfortunately for it, did not have a David.

I am not going to defend Castro and the things he did. Communists are always paranoid and fearful of their own people. They don’t know how to  govern by trusting and embracing their own population. They accept no dissent or alternative ways of thinking.

At the same time, Cubans have done marvelous things with the meager resources they were able to scrape together, or the paltry handout they received from the Russians. Imagine what Cuba could have done if we had not tried to sabotage them every step of the way. Imagine the difference if we had befriended them instead of the Soviets who, after all, only  helped the Cuban people because they wanted to take advantage of the strategic position of the island to place missiles, or have ports-of-call, or to spy on the U.S.

As far as our sabre-rattling about “democracy” is concerned, what kind of democracy do we have in the United States of America when a pompous hairball becomes president, despite the fact that he has received about 2 million less votes than his rival?

I hope that one day the Cuban people will be able to live in a true democracy of their choosing. What I’m afraid of is that the United States will try to muscle its way back onto the Island, and exploit the Cuban people for our own selfish purposes.



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