ISIS Prefers Trump Over Hillary

The other day someone said that if there is another major terrorist attack in the U.S. between now and November, then Trump will be elected as president. I believe that this is a correct statement. I also think that ISIS will do anything and everything in its power to make that happen.

At first glance, it may seem counter-intuitive that ISIS would rather have a Trump to deal with than a woman, because these terrorists consider women to be “weak” and “unworthy.” But I think that  ISIS or any other radical group would want to have a buffoon, like Trump, in office, who would quickly alienate the USA from the rest of the world. Already, people in most  most countries shake their heads and wonder what the hell is going on in America to account for Trump’s apparent primary successes (well, in part, it is that Ted Cruz is such a despicable moron, but that’s another story).

Trump thinks that he is sooo smart that he can outwit and out-bully anyone. But, so far, his bullying consisted of hectoring a bunch of B-rated, has-been celebrities on his idiotic show, The Apprentice. No doubt, experienced and savvy politicians, like Putyin and the the Chinese leadership, also want Trump in the office. These dictators and the terrorist fear nothing more than thoughtful and considerate diplomacy and world unity, despite the common belief that they only respond to force.  Trump will simply isolate America. He is already doing that with the irrational, racist, and xenophobic rhetoric he espouses at every campaign stop.

I do hope that no terrorist strike will occur in the USA. Not because I want Hillary Clinton to win, but because I don’t want anyone hurt or killed. Let’s hope that no terrorist attack succeeds anywhere in the world, including the United States.


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