The Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost

The Republican Party is all in a tizzy over the success of Trump. Yet, “The Donald” is their own creation. Not exactly as they had imagined; Trump is more like their “Incredible Hulk, ” a monster run amok.

The GOP is no longer Mr. Lincoln’s party. Hasn’t been in a long time, but its most recent shift to the far far right began in the 1960s with another distastetful demagogue,  Sen. Barry Goldwater of Arizona. His hateful anti-brown, anti-progressive rhetoric drove most of the Southern Democrats, who hated Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” ideals, to the Republican Party.  Then came the likes of Spiro Agnew and, most recently, Scott Walker.

Race and human relations may have changed somewhat since the 1960s, but scratch the surface and the old hatred is not far below the varnish. The GOP in both subtle and overt messages has fueled this hatred over the decades. They did this through their politics, their anti-humane ideas, their religious “Evangelical” organizations, through their vitriolic right-wing talk show host, like Glenn Beck and Limbaugh, and through their anti-people legislation. Just look at the kind of legislation they have proposed or enacted in Congress and in State Houses across the country: Anti-gay, anti-abortion, anti -Obamacare, anti -education, anti -affirmative action, anti -voter registration laws, anti-union, anti, anti, anti-. Now, Paul Ryan is crying crocodile tears because Trump is supported by KKK’s David Duke? Didn’t Duke achieve some success in the South as a Republican legislator?

I don’t mean to single out the South as antagonistic against all people of color, or different religion, or different social and political views. One of the states with the strongest KKK presence is none other than the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Skinheads, neo-Nazis, white power, and black power groups thrive throughout the country.

So, Trump’s message of hatred is falling on fertile soil, made so by decades of Republican politics and policies. There are, of course, still a few moderate and forward-thinking Republicans, like Susan Collins of Maine or former NYC Mayor Bloomberg, but  their voices are drowned out by vapid and vulgar people like Chris Chrisite, Ted Cruz and Trump.

Would the American public entertain electing an aging New York Jew with a horrible Brooklyn accent? Bernie Sanders may have some decent and humane ideas, but our electorate doesn’t seem to be interested in those. They are whipped up instead by slogans like “illegal immigrants taking out jobs.” Illegal immigrants take the shittiest jobs that our Americans consider beneath themselves to perform. If you want to blame someone for the loss of “good-paying jobs” (God, I can’t stand that phrase), then blame the companies that have sent those jobs to China, Vietnam and other slave labor countries.

There is no arguing that Trump has had great success with his rhetoric. That he is fueled by a selfish, egomaniacal drive for the highest office of the land, while spewing hateful and divisive messages to further his own limitless ambition,  has been made possible by the Grand Old Party’s decades-long unAmerican and anti-people attitude.

I once again, return to the TRUE libertarian ideals: freedom, opportunity AND RESPONSIBILITY.



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