Now this…The Fiasco of the U.S. Supreme Court

So, a few weeks ago I wrote about why Americans are so unhappy. Prior to that, on several occasions I outlined how the country is being ravaged by political hacks.

We don’t need to go any farther to see how politicians don’t care about our country than to see the brouhaha that has erupted with the death of Antonin Scalia.

First, about Mr. Scalia himself. I was never a fan of his. I remember his confirmation hearing, when he said that he wasn’t interested in ideology but only in the law. Time and time again, he proved that that was a lie. I don’t wish death on anyone, but I am not going to shed any tears for him, either. Anyone who puts dogma above people is not OK in my book.

Secondly, about the Court itself. It is somehow not right that our nation’s highest court can change its opinion willy-nilly based on the political ideology of its members. So, at one time, slavery was OK, because men on the court at that time  said so. Then, it wasn’t OK, because a different mix of men said that it wasn’t.  Everybody cites “The Founders” and the “Constitution” with straight faces, even though the entire thing is a farce because it is their own views/ideology/prejudices that drive their decisions.

Now, we have this artificially created crisis with the death of Scalia. President Obama still has a year in office. He is the President, whether members of Congress like it or not. It is his constitutional duty to nominate a new justice, and it is the Senate’s constitutional duty to consider that nominee. To wait a year until a new chief executive takes office is to deprive the country of the third fully functioning branch of the government.

BUT, these politicians don’t care about our country. They only care about themselves and their handlers. So, now do we wonder why people in this country are disillusioned, jaded, and angry?


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