Why Americans seem so unhappy

National polls indicate that the American public is distraught and is unhappy with the direction of the country. News pundits conjure up all sorts of reasons for this: political gridlock, lack of middle class jobs, illegal immigration, etc. I think that there is an entirely different reason for this feeling of gloom: Nonwhites are “taking over.”

According to a recent report  on national Public Radio, the incoming class of first graders (or maybe it was kindergarten kids; I don’t remember) is going to have, for THE FIRST TIME ever, more non-white kids than Caucasians. All of the cheap politicians, like Ted Cruz and his cronies, and that clown Trump , fan the flames of  the “illegal immigrants” issue. Not because they are illegal immigrants, but because they are brown or otherwise swarthy illegal immigrants. And Heaven forbid, many among them are also non-Christian swarthy  illegal immigrant people.

Idiots and demagogues, like Cruz, Christie, and Trump, are not the only ones who are offering a steady diet of racism. Fox Noise, conservative radio hacks, like Limbaugh, Medved, and their ilk, and the Evangelical Christian ayatollahs all spew overt and subtle messages of fear of losing “our country and our way of life.”

So, Americans have had this subliminal advertising for a number of years — made worse by the fact that we now have a Black President (oh, MY!) — and it is taking a toll on the psyche of the nation. Life was so much simpler, we are subtly reminded, when Neeg-ros knew to sit in the back of the bus; when Mexicans and Guatemalans and Hondurans just silently picked the damned fruit and lettuce instead of wanting to vote; when homy-sexials stayed in the closet; when pregnant women just quietly went to a back-alley, coat hanger abortionists; and when the immigrants who came to this country were white and Christian (although we never LIKED the Irish or the Catholics, but learned to acquiesce). Thus, you have a steady diet of propaganda, from that scumbag sheriff of Maricopa County, AR, Arpayo, to the so-called militias and “patriots” gladly armed by the NRA, to politicians, clergy, Koch Brothers and the Washington power-broker elite.

Not everyone feels this fear, of course. There are plenty of decent, thoughtful people who reject all of this rubbish. And if most of us thought about why we feel so distraught, despite the fact that we have a decent economy, lower unemployment, we are not in a war in the Middle East, we have a cleaner environment and a much better standard of living than our forefathers, we might just ferret out that the real reason for our angst is the subtle but persistent message of a bogeyman, in the form of a non-white, non-Christian horde taking over.


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