What Took So Long?

At last, law enforcement has moved against the domestic terrorists led by Ammon Bundy. Only I don’t fully understand why this took so long. On the one hand, I get it that the FBI didn’t want to create “martyrs” for the rest of the crazies out there. But terrorism is terrorism, and if you can take out the ISIS sympathizers in a hail of bullets, you should be able to do the same with the cowboy-hat and boot wearing homegrown terror groups. It’s not that I am blood thirsty and want to see anyone killed. But coddling terrorists only invites more of the same. If Cliven Bundy had been brought to justice last year in Nevada, we may not have had to deal with this fiasco in Oregon for all these weeks this year. These people desecrate the flag when they wrap themselves in it and call themselves “patriots.” They are simply terrorists. Period.


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