True: We Are Soft on Terrorism

The Republican presidential candidates may be right: we are not tough enough in combating terrorism. But before we go to Syria to “Bomb the shit out of them” (Trump) or “carpet bomb” ISIS (Cruz), why don’t we deal with our own home-grown terrorists. So, I would like to suggest that we carpet bomb the shit out of Ammon Bundy and the other Oregon terrorists. There is just one problem: they are on a wildlife preserve and I don’t want any harm to come to the birds, mammals, amphibians, etc. as collateral damage. Before you get all pissed off about this comment, consider what your wonderful Republican heroes are proposing: carpet bomb the shit out of ISIS who are hiding among the civilian population. Oh, you don’t care about Syrian people, is that it?

Seriously, these Oregon thugs have to go. Enough dragging feet with these terrorists! Deal with them!


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