Oppose the TPP (TransPacific Partnership)

TPP: Trans-Pacific Partnership. Strongly supported by the Obama Administration and most of the Republic U.S. Congress, this trade deal is a terrible idea for the USA. Why? Well, for one thing it is a job killer. Just like NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)  and CAFTA (Central American) were. I am talking about manufacturing jobs. I am so sick of hearing that we are now a “service” economy and not a “manufacturing” economy. Oh, yea, well, we all can’t sell hamburgers and computers to each other; everyone can’t be an account manager or  human resources officer, or some such bureaucratic nonsense. Time was that we made things that our country and her people  needed. Now we import junk from China and Vietnam and other places. You damn well know that in this agreement we are going to be inundated with more Walmart -Chinese crap, while the Pacific Rim countries will not buy things from us. I don’t want to belabor the point — you get the drift of where I’m going with this.

Worst of all, according to this pact, foreign companies get the opportunity to sue the USA in U.S. and World Courts if they don’t like our laws. For example, if a company is not allowed to pollute because of our environmental laws, then they can sue for “lost profits.” This is already happening under NAFTA, as the Keystone XL pipeline people are suing the USA for 17 billion dollars in lost profits after they weren’t allowed to extend the tar sands oil pipeline from Canada through some of the most valuable underground water resources in the Midwest. Really? Foreign companies suing us for our laws? And the sabre-rattling Republic party, wrapping itself in the American flag, is positively falling over itself to approve the TPP? Just because a few filthy rich Republic puppeteers would become even more filthy rich? And what about the Democrats? How is this championing the cause of the working man?

Say “NO” to TPP. It is a ridiculous proposition and for the life of me I can’t understand why Obama and the Conservative Republicans would want this.


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