The Oregon Terrorists

By now, lots of people have written about Ammon Bundy and his followers’ takeover of a federal facility in Oregon. Make no mistake, Bundy and his  people are not “patriots” but are terrorists. No better than any other terrorist group that disrupts the lives of people, takes over property, and threatens violence.

Many writers correctly pointed out that if this group were a bunch of Native Americans, or Black Lives Matter protestors, or ardent environmentalist, instead of cowboy hat wearing bandits, they would have been dealt with by now by the police or FBI, and harshly at that.

What these idiots and their supporters want is publicity. They feel they have the upper hand: if law enforcement does nothing, then they have won. If law enforcement takes action, and there is a shootout, then they can claim moral victory and sympathy for their cause against a tyrannical government.

I have a simple solution. The people of Harney County, Oregon, need to assemble and march out there. Men, women, children, without guns or other weapons. They need to let these thugs know that they are not wanted in their community. It wouldn’t do any good to assemble people from other parts of the country; then the terrorists would claim that outside agitators are working against them. It has to be the local population that says, you are persona non grata.  What these terrorists want more than anything is publicity and sympathy for their “cause” (which is what most terrorists want). They will not shoot at unarmed local citizens. If law enforcement can’t or won’t deal with them, then this is a workable solution. The catch is this: Do the people of Oregon really want this rabble out of there, or not?


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