Putyin, The Magnificent…

…at least according to Vlagymir (no, not Vladimir) Putyin (no, no Poo-tin, as Americans pronounce) AND some Republicans.

We all remember (?) that wonderful conservative Republican icon, Sarah Palin, gushing over Putyin’s bare-chested, horseback-riding image a few months ago. She practically peed herself over what a “mensch” he is. What a leader! Good for you, Sarah. Go with your fantasies.

But what is currently interesting is how that pouty-mouthed (and potty-mouthed) moron, Donald Trump, gushes over what a “mensch” Putyin is. A strong leader, not like our President. Never mind that Putyin’s opponents and journalists who uncover his corrupt schemes drop like flies. According to Trump’s logic, no one ever caught the Russian leader with a gun in his hand. Therefore, he is not responsible for the killings. Right-o, Trump-o.

Vlagymir Putyin is an ex-KGB man. Once KGB, always KGB. It’s what he knows and believes. In true short-man syndrome fashion, like his hero Papa Stalin, he is obsessed with power and putting his own imprimatur on events at home and around the world. Who cares about dead journalists? Or the people of Ukraine? Or Syrian civilians as the Russian Air Force bombs them into oblivion?

The Russian people have to decide whether they are happy with Stalin-redux. But for American would-be politicians to exult him is beyond bizarre. It is obscene.


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