An Enemy Far Greater Than ISIS

With all due respect to the families and loved ones killed by domestic terrorists, like the Colorado shooters or Dylan Roof in South Carolina, or the Radical Jihadist terrorists in California and Paris, the damage done by these crazies is minuscule compared with the potential catastrophe that no one wants to talk about seriously.

If you watch the major networks nightly news programs, there is lots of talk about ISIS/ISL/DAESH and lots of fear mongering by cheap politicians who want to exploit the situation for their own selfish goals. For nearly two weeks, there have been negotiations by nearly all of the countries of the world regarding global climate change. You don’t hear much about this, other than the occasional climate change denier’s views on Fox Noise or some other mainstream network.

Yet, global climate change has a far greater potential effect on the lives and deaths of tens of millions of people than any terrorist could possibly hope for. Just because you can not see the daily rise in ocean levels; just because you may not see a toxic pollutant in your air or water; just because idiots like Canadian-born Ted Cruz want to pretend otherwise; it does not mean that this change is not occurring.

The science is clear. We have been given the information. Why do we not get pissed off and demand that our politicians address these issues seriously, as they go about with their their hand-wringing, crocodile tears, and sonorous and irresponsible declarations over terrorism? We fear knives and bullets, as we should. There are, however, far greater dangers lurking in our environment. It’s time to address these issues and treat them with the same zeal as we do with terrorism.


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