A Libertarian Salutes Rosa Parks

Freedom. Opportunity. Responsibility. These are the true Libertarian ideals.

When I first moved to the United States of America in 1967 from a Communist country, I believed that this was the country of those ideals. I quickly found out otherwise. I was shocked to see how Blacks were treated MORE THAN 100 YEARS AFTER the end of the Civil War. Where was the freedom? Where were the opportunities? Who was/were responsible for the inequalities?

I admire people like Rosa Parks. I admire them for the willingness to stand up for freedom and opportunity. I admire their willingness to assume the responsibility to advance a cause, even at great personal risk and loss.

Nearly 50 years later, things are much better than they were in 1967. Or are they? The idiots who complain about “political correctness” truly don’t understand (or care) about the pain and suffering that their words and actions have caused to others. People should have the freedom and opportunity to pursue their dreams and goals. Even if those dreams are of young Black men, or LGBT individuals, or non-Christians. Give all people the freedom and opportunity, and I guarantee you that the vast majority will take care of the responsibility part.

Rosa Parks is no longer with us. But there are others who take up the cause to better the lot of their people. And we should salute them, not gun them down or shun them or mistreat them. These home-grown terrorists have NO RIGHT to deny the ideals that our Founding Fathers intended for this country (even if they didn’t always live by their own words).


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