Homegrown terrorists

There is no question that ISIS/ISL/DAESH is a bunch of brutal thugs in Syria and Iraq that must be eliminated. They are inhumane and, worst of all, carry out their murderous campaigns in the name of their God or ideology.

But before we dash off to distant lands to fight terrorists, we should look around in our own back yards. There are plenty of well-armed native American terrorists in the good old USA who carry out their murderous deeds in the name of THEIR God or ideology. The latest of these seems to be yet another Colorado shooter at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs.

I am not advocating for gun control. But I hold those politicians and conservative talk show pundits and the likes of FOX Noise, responsible for instigating violence and egging on the crazies. These media outlets, and the political hacks and their shadowy sponsors may not have pulled the trigger personally, but they have blood on their hands just the same.

So, let’s tend to our own soil and clean up our own act first. There is absolutely no reason why these kinds of murderous rampages should occur, and be overtly or in subtle ways encouraged by people who should know better. I want to hear from the Trumps, the Christies, the Cruzes, the Carsons, the National Republican Committee folks of this world condemning the domestic terrorists in the same outraged tone of voice as they do with  international terrorism. I want to hear from them that THEIR God does not condone, permit or encourage the kind of actions that we witness all too often in this country.


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