Let’s Close the Borders…To South Carolinians

We all know that the terrorist, Dylan Roof, who killed 9 people in a shooting rampage in July, 2015,  is from South Carolina. Therefore, all native South Carolinians are suspect as potential terrorists who must be kept out of other states.

Does this make any sense? Well, to me it makes about as much sense as what Congress voted on today, to keep, in effect, all Syrian refugees out of the country. Not surprisingly, some of our illustrious (or is it insane) presidential candidates were among the first to clamor for this stupid approach. Trump wants to bomb everybody but, then again, he always wants to bomb everybody. Doctor Carson likens Syrians to rabid dogs. Nice going from a Black man, whose race has been, at times, likened to rabid dogs by morons like himself.  Governor Christie of New Jersey is afraid of babies and toddlers. Bush and Cruz only want to admit Christians. Well, folks, Christians are known to have killed lots of innocent people, too, throughout history. In fact, most of our own home-grown terrorists, like Roof, claim to be Christian.

Don’t get me wrong: ISIS or ISL or DAESH, or whatever you want to call those thugs, must go. But to penalize the very people who are hurt most by these killers does not make any sense to me.

My local state senator (I’m not talking about the U.S. Senator) is a woman. I thought that as a woman, she would have more sense or, at least, a level of compassion. But when she called for prohibiting Syrians from settling in our neck of the woods, it suddenly dawned on me: Of course, she feels this way — she is a Republican.

Shame on you, fear mongers!


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