Benghazi, Schmenghazi

I mourn the loss of innocent people whenever such loss occurs. I mourn the loss of the four American embassy staff who were murdered during an attack on our embassy in Benghazi, Libya, a few years ago. But the charade and posturing that the Congressional committee has been engaging in while”investigating” the circumstances of this tragic event, is nothing short of a thinly-disguised attempt to damage Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. This is a well-known fact by now, and I don’t want to re-hash it. I just want to ask these Republican hacks the same question that I posed before: Where were you in your righteous indignation when several hundred U.S. marines were blown up in their sleep in their apartment building in Beirut, Lebanon? Where were all of you then “investigating” for years and at the cost of millions of dollars, like you are doing now with Benghazi? Oh, that was during the watch of President Reagan, you say? Your hero, who cannot and shall not be criticized for anything, you say? You scoundrels. You immoral, partisan hacks! You miserable little twirps! You should be ashamed of yourselves and, more importantly, hear us: We have had enough of Benghazi!



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