The American Taliban

More people have used the guise of religious beliefs to kill, imprison, torture, shun, ostracize, impoverish, displace, expel, and discriminate against other people than any other tool. From ancient history to modern conflict, religion has been a favorite way to stir up trouble between and among people, and for usurping power and wealth.

Recently, we have been highly critical of the atrocities committed by groups like the Taliban, Al Qaeda and ISIS/ISL/Daesh in the Middle East and Indian subcontinent. We have witnessed supposed holy men raging against other religious and secular groups, inciting and stoking violence against those they don’t deem “pure enough.” Yet, these mullahs, ayatollas, and other religious leaders are mere charlatans: they don’t care about people or peace or harmony. They only care about their narrow orthodox ideology…. no, actually they care only about acquiring and keeping power through their sanctimonious nonsense.

Before we get too high and mighty about how these other countries are in the grips of these religious hacks, we also should look at ourselves a bit. Intolerance based on narrow ideological bases has been and is rampant in the United States. Just look at the fiasco that this county clerk in Kentucky has been involved in the last few days. I believe that this woman has her heart in the right place — at least as far as she is concerned. But she has been fed a bunch of malicious nonsense by her “Apostolic” church leaders. Ok, so she has swallowed their misplaced orthodoxy about gay marriage hook-line-and-sinker. I don’t blame her, beyond the fact that she can’t see through this very un-Christian crap. I do very much place the responsibility on these fundamentalist preachers, who are no better than their Taliban counterparts in Iran or Afghanistan, or Pakistan.  Then come the biggest charlatans of all, crying their crocodile tears: Canadian Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, and other politicians who are drawn to this manufactured issue like flies are drawn to feces.

Huckabee as a Christian minister? Give me a break! All religions –but especially those that dare to utter the name of Christ in their titles — should preach love, understanding and tolerance instead of bigotry, hatred and discrimination. I ask again and again: Who is hurt by 2 people of the same gender, who love and are devoted to each other, wanting to share their lives together in marriage? What business is that of Cruz, Huckabee or Kim Davis to interfere in this? This is not what Christ would want. I am certain of it. But, if Ms. Davis is disinclined to participate in the joyous union of 2 people, than she should get out of the way. If she is that offended (?) by love, she should let others issue the marriage licenses and either carry on with other duties of her office or resign. Otherwise, we are just like those nations ruled by the Taliban.


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