A Race to the Bottom: Will It Become a Republican Circular Firing Squad?

Instead of shutting up Big Hair Donald, many of the Republican presidential candidates are trying to outdo each other in stupid comments. Since we know from Donald that Mexicans are rapists and drug dealers (?) — a comment that I’m sure warms old Joe Arpaio’s  of Maricopa County, Arizona, heart — we have heard from Mike Huckabee, the good ole Chrees-chin  from Arkansas about the holocaust. Not to be outdone,  Canadian Ted Cruz (hey, Donald, I still don’t hear you bleating about THAT) called his Senate leader a liar. The other presidential wanna-bees are silent on these outrageous stupidities, except for Jeb, who makes tepid comments about “vulgarities.”  Scott Walker is a sad joke. Rick Santorum…who? Who are the others, again? I’m curious to see which candidate is going to make himself the biggest ass next week on Fox Noise.

What all this boils down to is that the Republican lot is not looking very good.  So, now they are going to drag out Benghazi — again– to smear Hillary Clinton. This topic has been investigated to death. What I don’t get is why nobody points out that during the term of that Conservative ICON, Ronald Reagan, there was the bombing of allied troops in Beirut, Lebanon. An entire apartment building, poorly secured and barricaded, was blown up by truck bombs. A total of 299 marines died. Where are these brave Republicans (and Dems) to question the lack of security? And question, and question, and question…for a few cheap political points. Oh, no, not Reagan!! He is our hero!!

We have a lot of issues to deal with. Why are we even focusing so much money, time and energy on these campaigns 15 months before the election?


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