Cuba, Iran and diplomacy

Some people think that negotiating with our adversaries is a sign of weakness. They want sanctions, embargos, or, better yet, bombs. To be sure, each of these have had their necessities at certain times in history, but the mindless use of these tools is simply a hardship on ordinary people. Not to mention that these tactics often do not work. We have had an embargo against Cuba for almost 6 decades. What did that accomplish other than misery for ordinary Cubans?  The sanctions against Tehran worked to bring the Iranians to the negotiating table, but only because the rest of the world community rallied behind this approach.

Now, we are witnessing a new era in Cuban-US relations. As I wrote in my previous blog, it’s about high time. But the sabre-rattlers aren’t happy. These people don’t understand the first thing about politics and international relations. Only by opening channels of communication are we going to change the Socialist/Communist/dictatorial system in those oppressed countries. The North Koreans are very aware of this, and this is why they absolutely forbid any kind of exchange of ideas or communication with the outside world. I have lived through a system like that. Living in Communist Hungary in the 1950s and ’60s, I never knew much about the Cuban missile crisis, or that Krushchev banged  on the table in the United Nations with his shoe, or even Beatles or Rolling Stones or other “western” music. By renewing diplomatic ties with Cuba, the Cuban people will make the changes we so much seemed to want.

As for Iran, the lifting of sanctions following the nuclear arms deal will make it easier for the lives of the ordinary people of that country. They, too, will organize at the grassroots level to bring about regime change. But as long as we made them feel like their backs are against the wall, the Ayatollahs and other cheap politicians will have had their way. I hear a lot about concern for Israel’s security in this nuclear fuel deal. Actually, the sanctimonious Republicans and their Christian base don’t give a shit about Israel. They are, in fact, quite anti-Semitic ( I overhear conversations all the time to that effect).  What they care about, what they want is the land. They have this warped idea that this is the Christian land of “rapture” and, when the time comes, they will be able to deal with the few million Jews easier than tens of millions of Arabs. One of the most outrageous instigators for the Israeli “cause” is none other than Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel. I have watched this fellow from the days when he was a spokesman for the  Israeli government back in the  late ’80s and ’90s. He is very ambitious and, in my opinion, he only cares about himself and his power (he actually reminds me in ego and ambition of that moron, Trump, except that Netanyahu is a thousand times smarter). As long as he can stoke the anti-Arab fire in the Middle East, he will continue to get billions in US funds, both from our government and from Jewish aid groups.  Thus we have the “perfect storm of charlatan desires”: US lawmakers both both parties and their conservative politics, the Christian fundamentalist, and the self-serving government of Israel. No wonder we haven’t been able to achieve lasting peace in that area.

Finally, a word about Moron Trump. He angered many people with his comments about Mexicans, and then his words about John McCain. But no one seems really bothered by the comment that he wants TO BOMB oil fields in order to deprive ISIS of revenues. Can you imagine the environmental disaster that would create? Does no one care? HE WANTS TO BOMB THE F…ING OIL FIELDS????

As I keep saying, a true libertarian takes responsibility for his choices, words and actions. I haven’t heard any so-called libertarian candidates espouse that idea. That coward, Ted Cruz, would never criticize Trump, perhaps because he is afraid that “The Donald” would start harping on the fact that Cruz was not born in the USA (Cruz was born in Canada). Hey, what about that, Trump? You seemed to relish hounding Mr. Obama with that allegation…just to get your name and face in the press.


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