Bigots and xenophobes

It’s not that I care what that idiot Donald Trump’s opinions are. It’s just that according to news reports, he is “surging in the polls.” So, that means that people are actually buying into his words of garbage about Mexicans (and, by extension, all the “other” brown Spanish-speaking immigrants). I suspect that many of those folks who are so fond of hearing Trump’s trash talk are named O’Something or McSomething or DeSomething or LaSomething. These folks would best remember that when the Irish first came to these shores, they were called drunken, thieving miscreants (not to mention that, OMG, they were also Catholics). Many stores posted signs, reading “No Irish Allowed.” The Eye-talians didn’t fare better. They were “greasers” and “gumbas” and “dagos”  and “Mafiosos” in the estimation of the American folks already here. In fact, just about every ethnic group or religious group had been called some derogatory name, shunned or discriminated against. Every group was viewed with suspicion. “Krauts” were alleged Kaiser-supporters In WW I and we put “Japs” in interment camps during WW II.

I am an immigrant. I am grateful to this nation for taking me in. I am also a proud American citizen. After nearly 50 years in this country, I still get goosebumps every time I stand to hear our national anthem. But I reject buffoons like Trump, and I am very sad to see that in the 21st century bigotry and xenophobia are alive and well in the USA. Shame on you who are making Trump “surge” in the polls.

By the way, he doesn’t give a damn about anything but publicity. I can see into his miserly and miserable little heart and it ain’t pretty.


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