Yes to Obamacare

Now you might say what’s a libertarian cheering for in the victory for “big government” health care. Well, it’s what I say all along: with liberty also comes responsibility. To think that a nation as rich as ours did not have any kind of health care for 15 percent of its citizens…to think that even those who had insurance weren’t covered for stupid reasons , like “pre-existing conditions”…

If conservatives and their big corporate sponsors had done the right thing all along, then we wouldn’t need the government to step in. Look, I grew up in a Communist country, where healthcare was free, but it was also terribly inefficient. When you wanted (needed) to see a doctor, you went to a clinic, waited sometimes for hours, and then saw a doctor who may not have known anything about you. I don’t want that kind of system. We don’t have to have that kind of system. But it’s also not acceptable to have no way of seeing a doctor, other than in an emergency room…where you often have to wait hours and then see a doctor who doesn’t know anything about you.

Why are the health care companies so opposed to “Obamacare?” How can you make decisions about peoples’ health using a purely business model? We are not talking about making widgets here…we are talking about peoples’ lives and well-being.

Go to any large city in the USA and see whose name is on the tallest, shiniest, gaudiest building. Chances are it’s either a bank or an insurance company (nowadays its’ almost the same thing). So, these bastards have plenty of money to build these Tupelo, Mississippi? That’s not libertarianism. That’s pure greed.

The bottom line: you Republican idiots and big corporations who clamor about “freedom” have done this to yourself. It’s time for the 99 percent to have benefits that are basically human rights issues, like health care.


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