Marriage Equality

So, you are a libertarian, too?  If so, then you must applaud the Supreme Court decision today to “allow” gays or lesbians to marry. If you are a true libertarian, then you will not try to tell others -based on YOUR religious beliefs – what to do. I am still waiting for someone to make a credible argument – other than that it is against some scripture or religion – how gay marriage would interfere with traditional man-woman marriage. As to the concept that a child needs both parents, there are plenty of single-parent heterosexual situations where the child is not cared for properly. In fact, every single gay or lesbian couple I know who has (a) child)ren is a far better family than some of the “traditional” couples I see around here. where I live, there is a disgustingly high rate of sexual abuse of children. Every single person (usually a male) who is arrested is a spouse/boyfriend in a heterosexual couple situation. So, stay out of other people’s business.


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