Well…I never thought I would see the day…

…when I would ever agree with anything that Karl Rove had to say. But there it is: Donald Trump is a moron. Well said, Karl.

By the way, Trump made such a fuss last election time about Pres. Obama’s citizenship, but is completely mum about Ted Cruz. As we well know, Cruz was born in Canada. The last time I checked, Canada was still an independent country. Last time I checked, you had to be born in the USA to be President. Cat got your tongue, Donald? Or is it just that you are a moron?

Thank God for this Pope Francis: tell it like it is about climate change. Now, all of a sudden, Rick Santorum and Jeb are not such devout Catholics any more. Boy, they were on the bandwagon when the Nazi pope…er…I mean Pope Benedict was in charge of the Vatican.

I live in New York State. We have what is called the “Safe Act,” which is a gun control measure. One of the idiotic rules in this Act is that one can only have seven rounds in the clip of a semi-automatic weapon that may hold 10+ bullets. I am so angry about this South Carolina shooter, the judge who presided at his bail hearing, and all the people who essentially blame the 9 victims for being massacred, that I am thinking about putting 3 more bullets in the clip of my semi-automatic rifle.  No, of course I don’t want to use the .22. Unlike this Dylann Roof, a domestic terrorist, I do not wish to harm anyone.

You don’t have to go to the deep South to find racists. Two of the worst states for the number of hate groups are Michigan and Pennsylvania.


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