Texas does It Again

Many people equate conservative Republican politics with libertarianism, but nothing could be further from the truth. Conservatives have as much “agenda” as liberals and they want to control you as much, too. The only difference is the issues with which they want to exercise their control. These include things like restricting a woman’s choice to have an abortion or even use of contraceptives; restricting voting rights to “avoid fraud” (are you kidding me – even eligible voters rarely go to the polls); etc.

Texas, for all its claim on “rights,” is yet again proving what a joke they consider rights to be. In the latest fiasco, Gov. Abbott signed into law a ban on banning hydrofracking by local municipalities. Yes, that’s correct, local governments no longer have the right to exercise local decision-making. Pushed by the all-powerful oil lobby, the governor has decided that “home rule” doesn’t count. Only big-brother State can decide about where, when, and how hydraulic fracturing of rock to release natural gas trapped in shale deposits is practiced.

For those who always whine about Washington  and the control exerted by the Federal government, please answer this question: How is it any different when the big business oil lobby makes the rules and exerts its control over the lives and decisions of everyday people? A true libertarian must oppose both heavy-handed government edicts, as well as unilateral control exercised by special interests.


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