Let’s give Texas back to Mexico

What an embarrassment this state of Texas continues to be. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the state or most of its people, but the leadership is dismal. What a few crackpots deemed imminent take-over by the U.S. military – the armed forces staging at Walmarts, naturally – is actually taken seriously by that imbecile governor? Com’on!!!  Of course, we might say that the people of Texas elected this idiot and the other nincompoops, but that would not be entirely correct. Big money gets to choose who governs.

OK, so if I’m a libertarian, then I am not in favor of a big central government, right? And it is so. I was reared, after all, in a Communist country under a dictatorial system. They kept telling us that it was the people’s republic but that was a laughable joke. What is happening here in the U.S. is that a few cronies and their political hacks get to rule. “Citizens United” is a perfect example of a warped and twisted interpretation of the freedom of speech. It is the hacks who get to go to State Capitols and Washington on the coat tails of the big money men who end up “doing the people’s business” (now, there is another laughable joke). So, in a sense, it doesn’t matter if the ruthless Communist party puppet gets to rule, or the ruthless Big Money puppet is in power. In fact, I am beginning to suspect that these few wealthy men study the tactics of the Communists and gleefully imitate their deceitful propaganda.

As for Texas, I have an idea: let’s give it back to Mexico.


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